Missouri Driver’s License Points — How many points will go on my record?

A conversation I overheard in a local municipal court yesterday prompted this, another post about Missouri’s point system. Most drivers ticketed in Missouri understand that pleading guilty will result in the addition of points to their record and that enough points will cause them to lose their license, but most of them don’t know how many points result from a given citation or how many points they can accrue.

Perhaps more importantly, they rarely know where to look to find out. Fortunately, the relevant statute, RSMo. 302.302 is fairly straight forward, as statutes go, and the Department of Revenue has provided Form 899 for easy reference. There are, however, addition collateral consequences to many traffic violations that are not as easy to ascertain, particularly for commercial drivers license holders and people with a history of violations, so consultation with an attorney before entering a plea or paying your fine is always a good idea.

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