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Insurance Adjuster Tricks Part VI: Asking for Multiple Accounts

An insurance adjuster may contact you multiple times asking you to give an account of your accident, treatment, or other aspect of your case. For example, the first time he calls, the adjuster might ask general questions about what happened in a way that seems conversational and informal, like he’s just trying to gain a basic understanding of your situation and needs. He might contact you again days or weeks later asking more specific questions and saying he needs a formal account so they can finalize your claim. Don’t be fooled. He’s made careful records of both conversations, most likely [...]

Missouri Driver’s License Points — How many points will go on my record?

A conversation I overheard in a local municipal court yesterday prompted this, another post about Missouri’s point system. Most drivers ticketed in Missouri understand that pleading guilty will result in the addition of points to their record and that enough points will cause them to lose their license, but most of them don’t know how many points result from a given citation or how many points they can accrue. Perhaps more importantly, they rarely know where to look to find out. Fortunately, the relevant statute, RSMo. 302.302 is fairly straight forward, as statutes go, and the Department of Revenue has [...]

Insurance Adjuster Tricks Part V: Misleading You Into Waiting to Contact a Lawyer

The insurance company might contact you soon after your injury and tell you that they’re going to accept responsibility for paying for your treatment, only to later tell you that they’re only going to pay an amount far less than the actual cost of your treatment. By this time, you might be facing increasing debt from medical bill and time missed from work. Do not accept any offer from an insurance company until you’ve talked to a personal injury lawyer.

Insurance Adjuster Tricks – Part IV: Disputing the Extent of Your Injuries

In every case, the insurance adjuster will downplay the severity of your injuries. His job is to save money for the insurer. In doing so, he’s likely to look for things you’ve said or done that he can take out of context in order to make it seem like you aren’t hurt as badly as you are. That’s yet another reason you should not talk to the insurance company until you’ve talked to a lawyer.

Insurance Adjuster Tricks – Part III: Recordings

An insurance adjuster might ask you to make a recorded statement about your accident, either in person or over the phone, about your accident, your injuries, or your willingness to accept a settlement. You shouldn’t. It’s an attempt to get you to say something the insurer can use against you. The adjuster may go so far as trying to record you saying that you’re willing to waive recovery from the insurer. More subtly, he may ask you an apparently benign question, like “how are you?” or “what are you up to today?” then claim that your answer proves that [...]